The next generation of rap

Rap has always been a genre of self-expression, allowing artists to freely speak their mind in a way that feels comfortable to them. Women have also been at the forefront of the genre, whether they be the subject of the song or the one performing, yet misogyny is still a major criticism of the genre. Sexually motivated lyrics prove controversial to listeners and can sometimes … Continue reading The next generation of rap

The new sound of London…

Music has always reflected the times. Musicians, like all artists, are constantly inspired by what they see and hear happening around them. So, it should be no surprise that right now in a country riven with political tension, where its citizens are almost daily forced to confront and examine their own ideas of identity and how they fit in to society, that a new form … Continue reading The new sound of London…

Live: LANY with support from lovelytheband

ENRG Music’s Luka Kenyon took a trip to Newcastle on Sunday to catch LANY on their world tour, with support from lovelytheband. Though LANY are playing at SWG3 in Glasgow on Friday, I travelled to Newcastle to catch lovelytheband on their penultimate night as support on the tour. Having caught up with lovelytheband in Glasgow when they supported 5SOS back in October, I was super keen … Continue reading Live: LANY with support from lovelytheband

Live: Velvet at Glasgow’s Classic Grand with support from The Frontiers, Paragon and Apna

Recent venue closures have really impacted local music scenes around Scotland. Nights like last Friday at Glasgow’s Classic Grand show how things used to be – and more importantly, why they should’ve never changed.   THE FRONTIERS The gig mostly featured hometown heroes local to Glasgow, but the openers were a slightly different breed. The Frontiers are based in Ayrshire, alongside other notable bands from … Continue reading Live: Velvet at Glasgow’s Classic Grand with support from The Frontiers, Paragon and Apna

Live: Aminé at SWG3 On one of the last stops of his tour in support of his 2018 album OnePointFive, Aminé played in Scotland for the first time ever at SWG3 in Glasgow and brought his high energy rap with him. Since his breakout single Caroline was released in 2016, Aminé has began to make a name for himself working with rap powerhouses like Offset and also featuring … Continue reading Live: Aminé at SWG3

Live: Flying By Mirrors and Nü-Cross at Nice’n’Sleazy

Rock ruled at Nice ‘n’ Sleazy last weekend as two Glasgow-born bands brought the house down. Before I talk about the music, I’d just like to praise Nice ‘n’ Sleazy as the epitome of the small music venue. It’s literally underground, there’s graffiti everywhere, and if not for the ventilation system you’d be 90% sweat before you even started dancing. The roof is so low … Continue reading Live: Flying By Mirrors and Nü-Cross at Nice’n’Sleazy

Inside the OTR Showcase

Off The Record Edinburgh is a networking event for 16-25 year olds looking to get a leg up in the music industry. Their post-event showcase showed why these young artists NEED to be seen. Off The Record is organised by Born To Be Wide, a Scottish company who frequently put on larger-scale networking events, usually of a more professional nature. While at the showcase, OTR … Continue reading Inside the OTR Showcase

Let sleeping celebs lie

The career of the late, great Amy Winehouse seems to be set for a comeback, despite her untimely death in 2011. Is her image being exploited? Or is this a celebration of her fame? Newly-released footage of Amy Winehouse has been posted online, showing a live performance of her song Love Is A Losing Game. The video is from a small, intimate gig that was held the … Continue reading Let sleeping celebs lie